Posted Nov 21st, 2017
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My name is Austen Cameron, I'm a professional web developer and technology enthusiast. In the past 15+ years of being a developer, I've gotten the opportunity to explore many different frameworks, CMS platforms and packages. Like many other developers, I've spent more hours rebuilding my site over the years than actually writing content for it.

This time I'm taking a different approach.

In the past, I've built my site on things like October CMS, Wordpress, Grav CMS, and Statamic (briefly). While these are all great platforms, none of them ever felt "just right". This time I'm starting with a new Laravel (5.5) install and building a site and management dashboard from scratch. I'll be documenting many parts of the build process as I take the site from a brand new framework install to a dynamic markdown-content-supporting beast. The whole project will be open source and available on github. Hopefully we can all learn something together, enjoy the ride!

The Initial (Rough) Roadmap

  1. Add some initial design using Tailwind CSS
  2. Database-driven page structure
  3. Markdown content support / display
  4. Syntax Highlighting
  5. TBD

Comments? Suggestions?