Access Laravel Documentation from Sublime Text

Posted Jan 18th, 2018
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As developers, we spend a ton of time in our text editors. Another task I often find myself doing is accessing the Laravel documentation. Usually it goes something like this:

  • Open a browser
  • Type
  • Find the section that I need and click that

Enter the Laravel Docs package. Simply install it via package control and you'll find many new entries in your command palette (Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + P) for "Laravel Docs". Simply select the entry you'd like and hit enter. You'll then see the appropriate docs page open in your default browser.

Laravel Docs Package

Although doing this manually isn't really that bad, I often find myself distracted by other websites or social media before finally going to the docs page I was seeking (ten minutes later). Overall I felt that there was room for some automation in this process, so I made a new package to do so. Hope you find it useful! I'm also working on versions for VSCode and Atom which are coming soon.

Comments? Suggestions?