Search Engine Marketing That Works

Getting your business found on Google and other search engines almost always leads to more customers and better brand recognition. For many businesses however, search engine optimization (SEO) can be a daunting task. With help from 406 Digital, it doesnt have to be. Our Bozeman SEO and internet marketing expertise can help you get found on the web! We specialize in content strategy, search engine marketing and downright number crunching to provide businesses with great marketing plans. Our goal is simple: to make your online presence successful, because when your business succeeds, ours does too.

Our SEO Process

There is one thing that is a constant in search marketing — it’s always evolving. As Google and other search providers constantly tweak and fine-tune their algorithms, so must we as SEOs adapt our processes and strategies. Although there are many who claim they can produce instant results and search engine traffic, truly successful SEO strategies are generally long-term and focus on providing visitors with useful information to keep them coming back. Many of these self-proclaimed search engine experts use outdated or questionable techniques to produce a spike in traffic initially, but the truth is most of these practices will do more harm than good to a site’sersions over time. Here is a general outline of a search engine rankings in the long run. We like to invest in honest, long-haul type tactics that produce ongoing returns and growth. In addition to being better received by search engines, these types of strategies tend to boost brand awareness and make more conv typical search engine optimization project:

Perform an SEO Audit

We analyze your existing site and marketing strategy to see what you’re working with. Then, we build our proposal and recommendations list. This phase usually includes things like keyword research, a website crawl, link analysis, etc… The general process is as follows:

Remedy any Structural or Code Issues

Using the results of the site crawl and other data gathered during our SEO audit, we identify and remedy any code problems or other structural mishaps that exist with your current site. Sometimes we can work with what you already have, but often the best course of action is for us to build a new site that features a responsive design. We may be bozeman SEO addicts, but remember, first and foremost we are expert web developers!

On-page Optimization and Content Strategy

After we fix the major structural issues and ensure your site’s foundation is rock-solid, we dive deeper into your brand and your content. First, we analyze each page’s content and target keywords against findings from our keyword research to find competitive opportunities. Secondly, we tweak and optimize your copy and titles on each page for maximum relevancy and clarity. After all, a search engine’s purpose is to provide users with the most relevant result possible, so optimizing your content is a vital step! Along with optimization, we formulate a content strategy moving forward.

Link and Relationship Building

When your website is in top shape and you have a great content strategy to get behind, it’s time to build (or continue building) hyperlinks to your search engine optimized, user-friendly pages. If possible, we like to focus on building key relationships to keep the links flowing continuously too! We use only organic growth strategies and **never** pay for links. Although the process of link building can vary greatly from one SEO campaign to the next, it is an integral part of climbing the search rankings.


Every marketing campaign we embark on with our customers is a new adventure. We specialize in (local) Bozeman SEO services, but our experience in all aspects of the web allows us the opportunity to work with clients anywhere in the world. If you think 406 Digital would be a good fit for your next digital marketing campaign, use our project starter to get in touch!