3 Killer Free Keyword Research Tools for 2015

A Bozeman SEO's recommendations for keyword research tools

One of the first steps in an SEO campaign is to perform keyword research. Although the overall process may be a bit different than in previous years, the initial brainstorming phase remains much the same. Here are three killer tools to help you kickstart your SEO efforts in 2015.


There’s a chance you’ve already heard of this tool, and for good reason, it’s awesome. Übersuggest uses a base search term, adds letters / digits, and give you suggestions based on actual searches! One of the best features is that it allows you to dive deeper for a given suggestion (click on the keyword). This becomes particularly useful when you’re looking for more specific keyword themes. Another feature is that it allows you add keywords to a “basket”, making it easier to export a list of your chosen words for use with other tools like Moz’s Keyword Difficulty Tool.

Google Trends

Google Trends Screenshot
Although this isn’t necessarily a traditional keyword research tool, it can be incredibly useful in finding similar topics and word associations for a given topic. Perhaps even more useful, it is a stellar way to gauge interest in a given topic. In 2015, searcher intent is much more important than an exact keyword match. This means that instead of focusing on specific keywords, try to focus more on topic associations. Google trends is a great way to branch out and discover topics you may not think are associated with a given keyword. Note that this is even better when used alongside Google’s Adwords Keyword Planner.


Similar in functionality to Übersuggest, but arguably better in several ways. For one, the results are grouped alphabetically which makes it easier to pick out groups of keywords. For two, it seems to provide many more suggestions than other tools do. The fact that Keyword Tool uses google’s own Autocomplete data to provide suggestions makes this an invaluable tool to brainstorm a set of target keywords.

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